Prime Minister Narendra Modi hails Ayurveda a complete discipline of wellness

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi never tires himself praising Ayurveda and Yoga and his ardour for both were in full flow as he inaugurated the 6th edition of Advantage Health Care India 2023 Expo and Summit in the national capital.

"Our Ayurveda system is a complete discipline of wellness. It takes care of the physical and mental aspects of health. Systems such as Yoga and meditation have now become global movements. They are ancient India's gifts to the modern world," the Prime Minister said as he inaugurated the summit and expo virtually.

"When it comes to holistic healthcare, India has much to contribute. For thousands of years, India's outlook towards health has been holistic. We have a great tradition of preventive and promotive health," the Prime Minister told the summit.

“The world is looking for solutions to stress and lifestyle diseases. Our traditional healthcare systems hold a lot of answers. We have talent, we have the technology, we have the track record and we have a great tradition on our side. The time has come for an integrated, inclusive and institutional response to global healthcare challenges,” Mr. Modi said.

This two-day summit saw around 125 exhibitors and 500 hosted foreign delegates from 73 countries in Africa, the Middle East, the Commonwealth of Independent States, SAARC, and the ASEAN come together and connect with Indian healthcare providers.

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