What to eat at night to stay fit?

o keep your body fit and improve your overall health it is necessary to make smart food choices. According to Ayurveda, the last part of the day is controlled by kapha (the earth and water elements), so, whatever we eat at night must be able to balance your kapha. Let’s check out what to eat and what not to eat at night to keep ourselves fit and healthy.

Eat low-carb foods

Low-carb foods are easy to digest and hence they are best recommended during the night. These foods will help you sleep better and feel lighter the next day morning. A heavy meal at night is sure to cause a lot of uneasiness.

Drink lean milk

Low-fat milk is the best recommended for the night before hitting the bed. This should be had warm and boiled and never cold. Low-fat milk with a small amount of ginger and garlic is easily digestible and so highly recommended for the night.

Eat light and in moderation

It is always recommended that one should never have a heavy dinner as it can lead to a lot of gastric problems. Therefore, dinner has to be light and moderate. This will help you lose weight and thus maintain your health. Since the digestive system is weak at night, eating heavy will cause indigestion problems in the next day morning. So, eat light and moderate at night.

Dinner can be spicy

Spices are known to increase the heat of the body and it also suppresses the appetite so that you don’t eat too much. Hence, adding spices to your dinner can help you maintain a good body weight. Therefore, it is always good to add spices like cinnamon, fenugreek and cardamom to your evening meal.

Reduce salt intake after 7pm

High salt intake at night increases the chances of high blood pressure at night. Salt increases the water retention of the body and so its intake should be reduced at night.

Dinner should always be protein-rich

Protein-rich foods like dal and green leafy vegetables at night will keep the digestive system healthy.

Avoid having curd

It is not a good idea to have curd at night as this will increase the kapha dosha in the body. Instead of curd it is advisable to have buttermilk. Having curd at night can increase mucus formation in the nasal passages.

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