The new generation should be made aware of possibilities in Yoga, Ayurveda: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been a devout supporter of India's traditional systems, especially those related to health and living like Yoga and Ayurveda. During the inaugural ceremony of Akhil Bharatiya Shiksha Sangam 2023 on July 29, coinciding with the third anniversary of the National Education Policy, NEP  2020, the Prime Minister stressed the need to make the new generation aware of the immense possibilities that lay in these sectors. 

"As India is becoming stronger, the world's interest in India's identity and traditions is also increasing," the Prime Minister said during his inaugural address. "We have to take this change as the expectation of the world. There are immense possibilities in the fields of Yoga, Ayurveda, art, music, literature, and culture."

India has seen massive growth in the Ayush industry from 2.85 billion dollars in 2014 to 18.1 billion dollars in 2020. The promotion of yoga and its widespread acceptance has positioned India as a leader in the global health and wellness industry.

Many medical schools and hospitals in the US are now offering courses on Ayurveda and integrating it into their treatment plans. Ayush products are being exported to more than 100 foreign countries either as medicine or as food supplements.

The Prime Minister, in his speech, added that equal importance has been given to traditional knowledge systems and technologies of the future in the National Education Policy. With this, a great leap forward is expected in the growth of these sectors on the world stage. 

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