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Eat a bowl of daliya daily for quick weight loss

Losing weight or maintain good weight is an oft talked about subject today. People tend to splurge a lot of money to lose weight and look fit. There are many ways to lose weight by exercising and controlling diet. Here’s one easy and simple way to lose weight without much effort and money. Here we suggest you to substitute your daily intake of rice with a bowl of daliya. This will help you to cut down on your carb intake and thus it will save you from the extra bulge that you may develop by feeding on rice. Also, since this grain is rich in fibre, protein and vitamin B, and it helps to lose weight easily without having to feel hungry for a very long time. The versatile grain works well as a savoury or even sweet dish. According to health experts, a bowlful of daliya is an ideal breakfast option that one can include in daily diet for effective results. You can simply cook it with nutrient-rich green veggies like carrot, peas, beans and capsicum to enhance the flavour of the preparation.

 High fibre content

The high fibre content in this versatile grain helps you to remain full for a long period of time and hence assists in weight loss. Since it takes long to digest, it prevents you from bingeing on unhealthy foods.

Rich in protein

The rich protein content in this grain further suppresses hunger and activates weight regulating hormones. Research says that high protein intake increases your levels of satiety and at the same time reduces hunger hormones (gherlin).

Low GI

Also, the very low glycemic index (GI) of Daliya is a reason why doctors recommend it in the daily diet of people suffering from diabetes. It has been proven that because of low GI it does not get absorbed quickly and thus enables the slow release of sugar which further aids weight loss.

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