22% men in India practice Yoga, the highest in the world; at 31%, women come second

According to the latest figures released by the World of Statistics (@stats_feed), India has the highest proportion of men practicing Yoga (22%), followed by USA (12%), UK (9%) and South Korea (7%). 

Though a significantly higher proportion of women (31%) practiced Yoga, they still came only second after South Korea, where 43% of women practiced Yoga. Spain (31%) and the UK (30%) came in at third and fourth.

The statistics also reveal that the number of women who practice Yoga is much higher than men the world over. This explains the longer lifespan of women and their lesser vulnerability to cardiovascular diseases. 

Traditionally, men around the world shy away from Yoga because of preconceived notions about flexibility and spirituality. This is reflected in India's case too, even though more men in the country do Yoga than any other. 

The higher proportion of the population practicing Yoga in India also explains the country's general disinterest towards antidepressants. Only 9 out of 1000 people used anti-depressants in India, the lowest in the world. 

This, even as the country was ranked 12th among the most unhappiest countries in the world. Studies have revealed that Yoga therapy is effective in managing conditions such as depression and emotional problems.  

The word ‘yoga’ means to join or to unite, symbolizing the union of body and consciousness. It is an ancient spiritual practice that originated in India. So, it is only natural that more people in India practice Yoga than any other country in the world. 

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