What to do if you have Edema and Diabetes?

Elevate your feet – Using extra pillows keep your feet above the heart level for at least 15-20 minutes everyday. This helps to reduce the swelling as it drains out excess fluid from the surrounding tissues.
Wear stockings – 
wear stockings that apply gentle pressure on your legs. It helps to get rid of the excess fluid and also can help move blood through your legs to prevent swelling and improve blood circulation.
Lower dietary salt intake – It is advisable to reduce the salt in your daily diet as salt increases blood pressure.
Foot massage – Massaging your feet with a diabetic foot cream often helps to reduce swelling and the associated pain.
Daily foot care can prevent serious problems
Avoid long hours of continuous sitting, standing or walking.
Check your feet everyday for cuts, sores, blisters, red spots, swelling, or infected toenails and consult your physician immediately in case these don’t heal in a day.
Wear sturdy, comfortable shoes and avoid walking barefoot as much as possible.
Exercise regularly to improve bone and joint health in your feet and legs.

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