Yoga to become part of curriculum in IITs, IIMs

Yoga as an academic subject is gaining popularity not only in India but also in abroad. Yoga is an ancient subject that has its roots in Indian Vedic culture. In a recent development, all the technical and management institutes in UP will include Yoga classes in their curriculum. The Yoga course is meant equally for faculties and students.

The IIMs and IITs in the UP state will start Yoga Courses in order to inculcate the values of spirituality and healthy lifestyle to managers and technical people. It is not only academic studies but also human values that is needed to prosper as an individual and society as well. This is where Yoga will play an important role in creating the bond of integrity among everyone. IITs and IIMs produce quality talents and they need to stay calm and composed at every situation to take right decisions at the right time. Yoga as a practice will help them to achieve the feat even in a pressure situation. It is interesting to note that many institutes in UP have already included Yoga in their curriculum and other educational institutes are also planning to include Yoga as a permanent course in their curriculum as well.

According to some reports, Dr H.R. Nagendra, the Yoga teacher of PM Narendra Modi has been given the responsibility to form a productive yet comprehensive Yoga course package for these educational institutes. Dr Nagendra is a versatile personality who is also a mechanical engineer. He is an academician, a yoga therapist, a writer and founder VC of Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana.

It is noteworthy that IITs in Chennai and Delhi have already included yoga in the curriculum and the results have been highly favourable.

Last year, IIM Ahmedabad introduced lessons from the Bhagavad Gita to help students cope with the corporate world.

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