Ayurveda -- a great stress buster

Are you finding yourself frustrated, angry or nervous frequently? It’s quite possible you are quietly been taken over by ‘stress’ which will have serious repercussion on your physical and mental well-being if left untreated.

Take some time off, once in a while, from your busy routine to de-stress your body and mind the natural way, using oils, herbs or even just tender coconut water.

Unlike other sciences, Ayurveda – the five thousand plus year old Indian system of medicine, defines the concept of well-being as “a balanced existence of key constituents or elements of the body”.

Ayurveda has different treatment techniques for ensuring ideal functioning of the body, mind and soul but one needs to inculcate a healthy regimen to start with. The modules suggested by Ayurveda are simple ones which can also help in increasing the body immunity against various types of diseases.

For instance, the ancient treatment practice advocates application of medicated oil to select parts of the body. In Ayurveda, the oil massage is referred as ‘Abhyangam’ and is ideal for stress removal.

Stress can be defined as a feeling of emotional or physical tension. While short term (acute) stress is normal and vanishes quickly, the problem occurs when one is suffering from chronic stress, the one that persists for a long duration.

This feeling can be controlled or regulated through Shirodhara –flow of liquid particularly to the forehead area—using either oil or ‘Kashaya’ (decoction of herbs) or even tender coconut water. It has been found very effective in reducing stress and improving peace, energy, thereby, generating a positive feeling in a person.

Generally, Shirodhara with oils is done to cure headache or disorders like sleep disturbances. Oils like Ksheerabala, Dhanwantharam, etc are commonly used formulations for treatment under the method.

 Shirodhara is done on forehead since this spot is known as the area of intuition. According to Yoga concept, this is the seat of our inner vision. When dealt with multiplicity of choices or confusion, there occurs clogging of thoughts. Since the seat of vision, referred as ‘Ajna Chakra’ gets blocked due to stress, the energy here is in the form of potential energy. When Dhara (flow of liquid) is done, it converts the potential energy to kinetic energy. Any form of block in the body is thus removed and so is the condition of stress.

(By Dr. L P Anil Kumar).

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