Travelling in times of Covid-19 and the safety precautions

The lockdown restrictions have been eased by governments as part of their roadmap to economic recovery as people started moving around. However, with the virus threat still looming large, it’s not yet safe to venture out of houses, especially for children and elderly citizens. Dr. Jobby George,  Senior Ayurveda Consultant, Ishka Healthcare, Banglore, explains the safety measures to be followed if at all one has to traverse:-

Never step out of your house without a face mask, as directed by authorities. Besides cutting down the chances of infection, the habit helps to minimise virus spread to another person. Likewise, carry sanitiser and wet napkins to clean hands often, though it’s advisable to use soap and water if possible. Here are some ayurvedic tips to resist viral attacks during travel:-

Take a decoction of curry leaves (Murraya koenigii) ,1 fistful in 1 lt water or carom seeds-ajwain (Trachyspermum ammi ), 4 tsp in 1 lt water), in a flask and swish around the mouth regularly. You can frequently wipe nostrils with it. An occasional sip too is helpful as the formation has good anti-microbial properties.

If you don’t get curry leaves or carom seeds (ajwain), you can take common salt (NaCl) and dilute in water. Use it to wash hands, swish mouth and apply on nostrils. Salt contains excellent anti-microbial properties. Then wash with normal water or wet wipes after some time. You can follow the same in the case of kids as well.

Avoid eating and drinking outside as you will have to remove your mask. Always carry home-made food and water with you.


If the journey is a long one, then:-

Always sip hot water throughout the journey.

Take ginger tea, if you are taking any drink at all. Ginger is known to have anti-microbial properties.

Avoid cold foods or drinks as it weakens immunity of the throat lining, tonsils and nasal epithelium. Always consume hot food.

Avoid using public toilets and wash basins. Wash room is the place where people wash mouth, spit and blow nose. There is more chance of the virus entry. But if your journey is long and washroom is unavoidable, then spray or use sanitiser on the tap before before removing your mask. Wait for a few minutes and only then touch the tap. Swish your mouth with saline water or the curry-leaf or carom seed decoction mentioned above. Apply the same in nostrils too after the washroom use.

Do not drink water at least one hour before you start journey and till you reach destination so that you don’t need to attend the nature’s call enroute. You can sip electrolytes/ORS liquids to avoid dehydration and maintain body balance. But remember to rehydrate yourself once you reach your destination so as to avoid Urinary Tract Infection and other complications.

Avoid too thin cloth materials or tying masks tightly if you frequent near-by places with home-made cloth masks.

Those suffering from health issues like heart ailments, hypertension and diabetes, those above 65 years of age , pregnant women and children should consult their doctors before and after travel.


And most of all-

Follow the rules set by the governments, as it is for our good.

Keep a safe distance from your co-passengers. Never be in a hurry to get in or get off public transports.

Avoid using jewelleries and watches.

Tie up long hair.

Avoid touching things as far as possible.

Avoid touching your face. Use wipes instead .

Masks should be slightly porous so that you don’t breathe own carbon di-oxide.

Do not exert or hurry much, as breathing in through mask is difficult.

Dr. Jobby George (BAMS, YIC), Senior Ayurveda Consultant, Ishka Healthcare, Bangalore.

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