Covid-19: call for Ayurvedic cure gains traction

Ayurveda practitioners have upped the ante and demanded the government approve the ancient healing system in tackling the coronavirus cases after a preliminary study by the Department of Indian Systems of Medicine (ISM) in the south Indian state of Kerala found the traditional medication effective in preventing the deadly disease.

“We’ve submitted our primary study observations to the government. A detailed evaluation of data complied under the ‘Amrutham Programme’ has also been initiated to find the efficacy of Ayurveda against the infection,” said a senior official in charge of the State Ayurveda Covid Response Cell (SACRC). The ‘Amrutham scheme’ focuses on providing preventive medicines to those in quarantine through government Ayurveda dispensaries and hospitals.

According to the official, a total of 1.80 lakh people in the state have so far taken the traditional medication while under quarantine since May 21.

“The preliminary study considered the first one lakh cases out of this and interestingly only 342 were affected by the infection. Even the infected had only mild conditions and recovered in four to five days,” he said. The detailed evaluation will see the ISM officials collecting data like symptoms, infection period, doses and medication frequency and also the recovery time in infected cases.

 The Kerala government has allowed traditional medicine use as a preventive measure though it’s yet to approve ayurvedic treatment in Covid-19 cases.

“We’ve submitted a memorandum seeking permission for Ayurvedic cure or integrative treatment in coronavirus cases. The department study itself is there for analysis and it’s high time the permission granted,” said Dr Raju Thomas, Kerala Chapter President, Ayurveda Medical Association of India (AMAI).

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