Simple Secrets to Healthier, Shinier Hair

Long, flowing, thick, bouncy and voluminous mane is a dream for every woman. But blame it on the hectic lifestyle or pollution in cities, many suffer from hair-loss. But experts opine that with proper hair care, one can turn their dream of having healthy mane into a reality. Dr Jobby George, Senior Ayurveda Consultant, Ishka Healthcare, Bangalore, shares the hair care tips: -

The common reasons for hair issues in women are: -

-- Irregular Sleep timings

-- Irregular food timings

-- Overthinking and multitasking

-- Depression

-- Climate change or change in place

-- Change in water

-- Harsh chemicals used on hair for styling

-- Wearing helmet directly on head

-- Working in high temperatures

-- Suffering from diseases

-- Hormonal issues

-- Post-delivery

-- Hereditary factors

-- Taking a hot shower on head


Hair care tips

-- Use mild shampoos for your hair

-- Oiling the hair is important for its growth and health. It’s not just good for the hair but also calms the mind and nourishes the nerves. Oiling can be done once a week or twice a week or daily.

-- Use oil according to your body constitution, diseases and climate. Always consult your Ayurveda doctor to know which oil suits you.

-- Apply oil one hour before your bath and massage with finger tips for at least five minutes.

-- Those with long hair should tie their hair in plates and fold the ends when they go to sleep at night. It reduces friction and breakage.

-- Never use clips, rubber-bands or materials that can have harsh effects on the hair.

-- While dying hair, avoid using the same in the scalp which can affect the roots.

-- When using a dryer, avoid the heat to the scalp and never over-dry the hair causing it to break and split.

-- Use more natural substances like henna, indigo, Indian gooseberries (amla), buttermilk, fenugreek (methi), hibiscus leaves, etc for better hair quality. Using the same just once or twice may not show results. You need to do it regularly knowing your types.

-- Ayurvedic remedies like Nasya, Shiro abhyangam, Talapodichil and the like give faster results.

-- Consumption of foods rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Calcium and regular detox helps strengthen the hair internally.

-- While on a road and rail travel, never leave your hair loose. The wind, pollution, dust and smoke can be harsh on the hair.


Dr. Jobby George (BAMS, YIC) Senior Ayurveda Consultant Ishka Healthcare, Bangalore. Mob-8592071507

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